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5 Advantages of Display Fridges For Your Food Business

May. 12, 2019

The supermarket commercial freezer has the effect of refrigerating fresh food. In summer, the temperature is higher, the preservation period of the fruit is shortened, and it is perishable and deteriorated. If you use the display freezer to store fruit, the fruit preservation period will be greatly extended, thus improving the economic efficiency of the fruit shop. The Phirella commercial display freezer is your best choice.

1. Supermarket display refrigerator has good insulation effect.

The thermal insulation performance of the commercial display freezer is an important quality indicator for the refrigerator, and it is also an important factor in the economics of the refrigerator. In order to achieve good thermal insulation performance, we have selected the appropriate raw materials to control the bulk density and cell diameter in the optimal range. Therefore, the refrigerators we supplier are high quality and you can buy them with confidence.

2. High quality display freezer for sale

The freezers produced by Phirella are all in accordance with international standards, and have passed the sampling inspections by the National Quality and Technical Supervision Agency over the years.

3. Quality commercial power compressor

The refrigerators produced by Phirella are all made of high quality commercial compressors. Our compressors have good starting performance, and the cooling capacity is from small to large, and can be configured differently according to different requirements of the product. Our compressors can adapt to the harsh environment of commercial freezer, frequent start-ups and long running time to ensure product quality. In addition, the compressor we supply will basically not malfunction during your use. Allows you to use it with confidence.

4. The temperature of the commercial refrigerator is constant and the cooling speed is fast.

The refrigerators we supply are stable and you can set different temperatures according to your needs. The stable temperature is conducive to the preservation of meat and vegetables. Our freezer not only guarantees that the temperature of the freezer meets the requirements according to the standard, but also makes the high-quality display freezer cool faster by using a special-shaped evaporation tube and matching the unit with suitable cooling capacity. In general, our commercial display freezer is 2-3 times faster than others.

5. High quality materials

All of the evaporative tubes of the commercial display freezer are made of high quality copper coils and processed into a wide profile. The surface of the stainless steel plate is smooth and the thickness of the whole plate is uniform. The proper thickness ensures the long service life and makes the convenience store freezer look flat and firm. The circular tube is processed into a rectangular shape, so that the contact between the evaporation tube and the cold-passing inner liner is brought into surface contact by the point contact, the transfer area is enlarged, and the cooling speed can be accelerated.

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