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5 ways to choose the best supermarket refrigerator

May. 05, 2019

For a supermarket, supermarket display freezer is an essential equipment. A suitable supermarket freezer can not only improve the level of the supermarket, but also directly enrich the product categories of the supermarket, bringing stable customers and more profits to the merchants. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right supermarket freezer. The following Phirella from the manufacturer's point of view to analyze the purchase of supermarket freezer need to pay attention to what issues.

  1. You should choose supermarket freezer with different functions according to the products you need. For example, some products need to be kept fresh, some need to be refrigerated, and some products need to be frozen. Choose the right supermarket freezer products for different needs. For example, vegetables and fruits need to have a fresh-keeping function, then you can choose a vegetable fresh-keeping cabinet or a fruit fresh-keeping cabinet. The fresh-keeping cabinet adopts the microcomputer chip to realize the automatic temperature control, saves energy and saves electricity, saves the heart and intelligence, and can ensure the preservation requirements of vegetables or fruits. For cooked food products, you need a special deli cabinet, which is beautiful and maintains the freshness of the cooked food. The cold meat just needs the frozen and refrigerated meat refrigerator, because the fresh meat has higher temperature requirements. The display freezer can keep the temperature low and ensure that the fresh meat does not deteriorate.

  2. Choose the appropriate supermarket freezer products according to the different cooling methods. There are three general cooling methods, direct cooling, air cooling and both. Among them, the direct-cooling freezer is more energy-saving, the price is relatively cheaper than the air-cooling, the preservation and preservation function is good, the effective volume is large, but there are disadvantages, the temperature is not easy to be uniform, it needs frequent defrosting, and the use is not convenient; the air-cooled freezer The cooling speed is fast, the product can quickly reach the refrigerating and fresh-keeping effect, and the defrosting can be performed automatically. The relative power consumption is higher, and the overall advantage is greater than the shortcoming; the third is due to the combination of the two, generally less such refrigerators, and two When the cooling mode is used at the same time, it will consume more power and cause the system to be stable without a single system. Generally, it is only used in special occasions.

  3. To buy supermarket freezer products, quality is the most important, because the running time is relatively long, if the quality is not up to standard, it may not be used normally. There are many aspects affecting quality, such as the compressor of the supermarket freezer. Relatively speaking, the Phirella compressor is much better than others, and the durability is much better. The material and workmanship of the product are also very important. For the small workshop production of the freezer Although the price is much cheaper, but the workmanship and materials do not meet the requirements, resulting in the use of the freezer when the airtightness is not enough to cause cold air leakage, the power consumption will be amazing. Therefore, it is necessary to select the regular products produced by the regular manufacturers for energy saving and low consumption, and the regular manufacturers have quality assurance and the after-sales service will be perfect.

  4. The supermarket display refrigerator manufacturers must have perfect after-sales service. Because of the long-term operation of the freezer, it is inevitable that there will be small problems. At this time, it is very important to have a perfect after-sales service. Regular manufacturers will have a good after-sales guarantee for their products, and they can track services in general, and small manufacturers can't do this. Another point is that regular manufacturers of supermarket freezer products, compressors, materials, workmanship are guaranteed, so the probability of problems will be relatively small, and small manufacturers because the materials and production processes are not easy to reach the standard, the probability of problems will be large a lot of. Therefore, the products of small manufacturers, although the price is low, but the after-sales and maintenance costs are high; while the regular manufacturers will have a slightly higher ex-factory price, but they will save trouble.

  5. According to the decoration of the storefront, choose the style of the appropriate decoration style, so that the overall storefront can be coordinated and complement each other.

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