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How to choose the best commercial refrigerator?

Jul. 29, 2019

The first priority of every restaurant is to provide fresh food to the customers. There are many factors that would affect the quality of the food, especially the growth of bacteria in the food when the food and other ingredients are not stored at the right temperature. The best thing that a commercial kitchen can do is to have a commercial refrigerator. This is a wise investment that helps them to preserve the food for a long time and also store huge quantities of the food at once. There are different sized and styles of commercial refrigerators available in the market. You need to buy the best one after checking the features and reading the reviews given by the users. This helps you to buy the right one that fits in your business needs. Phirella.com is the popular freezer and refrigerator manufacturer who is selling different sized fridges at the best prices. This has earned a huge reputation for selling superior quality and energy efficient refrigerators on the market.

The commercial refrigerator plays a key role in serving quality food to the customers. You can also buy the ingredients that you use to prepare any dishes in the refrigerator. The ingredients will not lose its flavor and taste when are stored at the right temperature in the refrigerator.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while selecting the best commercial refrigerator:

Consider the refrigerator location

This is the first thing that has to be considered by the restaurant owner or a bakery owner while buying a commercial refrigerator. The refrigerator you buy should fit in the kitchen and shop. There should be enough space to open and close the fridge without any hassle by the staff. If you are new into the restaurant business or food business, you need to check various factors that would actually have an impact on the size and functionality of the kitchen. You should know how much quantity of the food is served every day, week or month, how easy it is to access to the frozen foods, how safe to store and take ingredients from the refrigerator to the cook line and will the refrigerator be easily accessible for the customers to do self-service such as taking cool drinks or other beverages from the freezer.

Take the measurements of the kitchen

You need to take the measurements of the kitchen space, especially the area you have allotted to store in the refrigerator. You need to take the height, width and depth of the space. When you are buying a commercial refrigerator you can check the footprint of the refrigerator, door swing dimensions and the interior cubic feet to learn about the storage space that it gives you to store the food items. If you are having a refrigerator already in the kitchen and want to replace with a new model, you should better go for the bigger model to store a huge quantity of the food.

Quantity of the food and menu

Flooring space will have a huge impact on the refrigerator size. The menu served in the restaurant and ingredients you would need to prepare the food will help you find out the cold storage space you need and the amount of space occupied in the freezer. You have to figure out the stock purchase plans and determine the space you would need to store the stock. This is critical, especially when you have a planned menu for the week. You also need to involve your chef while buying the refrigerator to learn about the menu and how much storage space it would require to store cooked and uncooked items. This helps you to buy the right sized refrigerator that fits in your kitchen.

Refrigerator configuration:

 Once you have finalized the size of the refrigerator, then it is time for you to check the configuration of this appliance. Few of the configurations that are available in commercial refrigerators include:

Reach-in commercial refrigerator

This has shallow shelves which are easily accessible by the chef and other staff. These are in the upright position for quick access and have 1 to 4 doors based on the size of the refrigerator you are buying.

Countertop commercial refrigerator

This is the best to be used in the kitchens which lack space and want energy efficiency. You can also use this type of refrigerator in the bakeries where there would lots of self-service done such as taking salads, cool drinks, pastries and other food items from the refrigerators.

Condenser location

The location where the condenser is equipped in the refrigerator plays a key role. Basically, the condenser is placed in two locations, i.e. either it is bottom mounted or top mounted. If it is bottom mounted, it offers you easy access. The best part of this condenser is that, it operates effectively in hot conditions. However, there are high chances of this condenser getting damaged sooner by exposing to the grease and dust as it is located on the floor. The top mounted is perfect to be used in the cooler environment. This is not easily accessible to clean and does not occupy much of your kitchen space. These are less likely prone to clogging issues.

Consider various other key details

When you are checking the refrigerators that are manufactured by various manufacturers, you also need to take key details such as reviews left by the customers online, warranty period, service offered, energy efficiency rating and food safety codes into consideration. This helps you to buy the right one for your kitchen.

Configuration of the door

You need to buy the refrigerator that has solid doors, since these are properly insulated. However, you can also buy the refrigerator will glass door as it allows the staff to take a look at the fridge from outside to see what is available. When you open and look inside the refrigerator, it consumes a lot of energy. The doors that have a half height would save your energy, but offers very little storage space. You need to keep the direction of the door swing in mind to make sure that the staff would have enough space outside the fridge to open and close it with ease.


These are a few factors you need to consider to buy the best and superior quality refrigerator that would be fully functional in the kitchen for a long time without troubling you much.

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