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How to clean a commercial refrigerator?

Apr. 18, 2019

Refrigerators are the essential component of commercial kitchens. Keeping these workhorses in good condition is necessary for its proper functioning. Dismissing such a vital piece of equipment can prompt a wide range of issues including sanitary problems, higher cooling costs, and a lot of squandered money. Rather than spending a fortune on new refrigerator equipment or exorbitant fixes, the user should utilize a wide range of cleaning tips to keep things fit as a fiddle. Different containers, food or the wrapped pieces of mystery meat, old fruit or products which are past their expiration date can cause the growth of bacteria in fridges. The immense growth results in compromising the cleanliness of fridges. Eventually it decreases the life span of fridges and consumption of more electricity.

Parts of Commercial Refrigerators that need to be cleaned and maintained:

  1. Exterior: the exterior is composed of doors, covers and sides. The grease and dust should be cleaned from the outer part. A rag damped with soap and water can be used to clean the dirt from covers protecting the condenser. Any debris or boxes blocking the airflow to the refrigerator should be removed. Air flow to the motor is necessary for appropriate functioning and maintaining temperature of refrigerator . The exterior should be cleaned frequently to avoid cross-contamination of germs as many people use the handle of refrigerator to access the food.
    How to clean a commercial refrigerator?

  2. Interior: the interior is supposed to be cleaned with soap and water while leaving no remains of soap or water behind. It is restricted to use chemicals inside as they can harm the metal surfaces over time. However the small molds and fungal deposits could be treated with diluted bleach and then rinsed with water

  3. Door Gaskets: door seals should be checked properly. If seals are not adhered or functioning properly, it could result in condensation process by the incoming warm air and the cabinet will not cool down properly, causing the products inside fridge to spoil.
    Gaskets can be cleaned with water and soap. If the gasket is torn from places, they should be replaced, preventing the damage to door or over-exertion of compressor.

  4. Condenser coils: these are an important part of refrigerator which should be cleaned timely. Cleaning the dirt on coils is essential. The cleaning process can be accomplished with the help of dry/wet vacuum. The basic purpose of this vacuum is to tackle liquid spills as well as dry dirt and dust. It is able to clean the dust embedded in inner coils as well. The outer part can be cleaned with a wet rag. The condenser coils are expensive and their replacement can be expensive. Cleaning them on a regular basis is important so that loss can be avoided.
    The condenser is usually covered or on the back of units. To clean them is laborious yet important. Following are the steps to clean the coils:
    ·   Unplug refrigeration equipment
    ·   Locate refrigerator coils which are probably hidden behind cover or located on the bottom of unit.
    ·   Remove the grate or cover. Use stiff brush to swipe off dust from outer part and grill
    ·   Use vacuum for through cleaning
    ·   Vacuum the floor and adjacent areas
    ·   Clean the grill cover plate
    ·   Reattach the grate and plug in the refrigerator.

  5. Drain lines: these should be cleaned by a trained professional as it’s a difficult and long process. The dirt clogging the lines are removed in this process. Along with the cleaning of drain lines, the trained professional disinfects the interior of unit.

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