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Convenience store display freezer User instructions

May. 10, 2019

Convenience store display freezer can store and display a variety of merchandises, here are some tips to extend the use time of the refrigerator.

  1.  The location of the convenience store display refrigerator should be placed in a place that is 10cm away from the wall, well ventilated, and not exposed to strong sunlight or high temperature. Keep it steady and prevent vibration.


  2. Convenience store freezer do not often open or close, do not idle for a long time. Because the refrigerator is re-opened, the compressor usually runs for 2 hours before the temperature in the box reaches the food storage requirement. The more the number of opening and closing times, the more the compressor motor is subjected to shocks, and the refrigeration system is prone to failure. The commercial display refrigerator is not used for a long time, the freezing system and the parts requiring lubrication will dry up and solidify, so that the friction between the parts will increase, and it will be difficult to start when used again, and the motor will be burnt when it is serious.


  3. If the convenience store display case suddenly loses power during use, the power of the convenience store freezer must be cut off. Wait until the electricity, turn on the power when the voltage is stable.


  4. When using a convenience store freezer, the voltage should meet the requirements of its instructions. Do not over-voltage or under-voltage the convenience store freezer to avoid burning compression or other circuit accessories.

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