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8 Different Types of Commercial Display Refrigerators

Jul. 09, 2019

Commercial business refrigerators have become a necessity for people who are into the food business. They are an important tool for business owners so that many items can be displayed satisfactorily that can attract customers. In a way, they take care of the marketing aspect of a shop or commercial establishment and provide an impetus to the business. With a good commercial display refrigerator in place, customers will be able to see each and every product that is kept inside and they can be attracted to it when placed strategically within an area. 

There are various types of commercial display refrigerators that are available in the market and each one of them is meant for a particular purpose. Temperature range is provided in all of them so that food items can be kept fresh and eatable at all times. We take a look at the equipment to understand the different types and the ways in which the best one can be chosen.

1. Merchandiser Refrigerator

A merchandiser refrigerator is usually present at the back of a counter, in front of a store counter or inside a restaurant. They are generally placed in such a way that they can be beside or directly in front of the store counter. The aim is to make sure that customers can see through the refrigerator so that a purchase can happen. They also help in keeping jugs and bottles properly while being accessible at all times. 

They are more commonly used by customers rather than store owners or staff so that a sale of perishable items can take place more easily. Phirella is a brand that specializes in manufacturing merchandiser refrigerators and this variant of the company is among the best in the business. Among other types, the merchandiser refrigerators from Phirella are very highly desired by business owners due to their robustness and long-lasting features. you can look for Merchandiser Refrigerator: https://www.phirella.com/products/

2. Reach-in Refrigerators

A reach-in refrigerator is the most common type of commercial display refrigerator that can help in keeping food items cold and healthy. They can help in keeping perishable items cool in a safe and effective manner. These types of refrigerators can vary in width from nearly 26 inches to 87 inches but the functions in all of them are pretty much similar. 

A pass-through refrigerator is a type of Reach-in Refrigerator so that they can easily be accessed from both sides. As they have a glass door, items can easily be seen from either side and that can be quite helpful in a commercial setting. This type of refrigerator can also be very effective at places that have a space constraint or where quicker access may be needed.

3. Bar refrigerators

This type of refrigerators can be easily seen at most bars or pubs and they can be placed either behind the counter or the counter itself will be the topmost part of it. They are essentially meant for storing alcohol so that the liquid stays at the right temperature for consumption. The taste and quality of drinks can vary considerably with improper storage facility so that this type of refrigerator is able to provide the best temperature for them. Glass doors on them help in easily viewing all the different types of drinks that may be available at a place and selection can then be made from the counter. They can be further segregated into Cooler, Direct Draw or Hybrid types. 

4. Display Cases

Refrigerated display cases help in displaying foodstuffs that need refrigeration so that there can be enough impact amongst customers. However, the main purpose of these refrigerating units is only limited to display and nothing else. They cannot be expected to store food inside them or enhance the shelf life of a food product. This type of refrigerator can easily be spotted in a restaurant, confectionary outlet or a store so that customers can make a decision after looking at the items inside them. The product inside the refrigerator can only be accessed by the staff as they open only at one end. Display cases can be available in many types, some of which are mentioned here for understanding. 

5. Vertical and Horizontal Display Refrigerator

Vertical and horizontal display refrigerators can come in many types of shapes and sizes. They are generally used to store food items that may not need stability for keeping them rather the main concern for these types of food items is to stay refrigerated and hence this type of refrigerators are used. They can easily be spotted at airports or some deli shops. Different types of readymade or retail items can easily be stacked at one using this type of refrigerator. 

6. Deli Display Cases

Most deli display cases usually come refrigerated so that foodstuffs can stay fresh for a longer period of time. The deli display cases can be available in different types of heights; they can either be low profile or high profile depending on an establishment. This type of commercial display refrigerators can be easily expected to be seen at hypermarkets, supermarkets and obviously, at delis.

7. Bakery Display Cases

These can look more like deli display cases but only the customer-facing top can be more slanting and the glass covering will also be on either side so that all foodstuff inside it can be seen more clearly. This type of commercial display refrigerator is available in two types – dry as well as refrigerated. Bakery products can be suitably displayed by placing them inside it. The most common places to locate this type of refrigeration unit can be a bakery shop or a supermarket. 

8. Sushi Display Cases

Sushi is a Japanese dish made from vinegar-flavored cold rice and served with vegetables. Sushi display cases are used to store them properly. It is typically used to display the said food item and other appetizers at a lot of Japanese restaurants. Although this type of refrigerated display cases can be the smallest among all the mentioned ones here yet they can be very effective for storage and display. However, these are not meant to store sushi overnight. 

These are the major types of commercial display refrigerators that are easily available and widely in use. Depending upon an application and budget, either of them can be selected for a satisfactory experience.

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