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Glass Door Freezers: Advantageous Way of Merchandizing in Grocery Stores

Jul. 11, 2019

Refrigeration is an indispensable food storage technique in developed countries where people have no time to buy groceries every day. Thus, weekend grocery shopping is most prevalent in these countries, especially in the western region of the globe. Over years, this trend was espoused in other regions of the globe, even in under-developed countries. The introduction of refrigerators and large size freezers to store foods offered boost to the trend of frozen foods in many countries.

Invention and evolution of refrigeration system

The story of the invention and evolution of refrigerators is quite interesting. The concept of refrigeration was evolved over a couple of centuries ago in the form of cooling systems for food involved ice; introduction of artificial refrigeration was made in mid-1750s, and its development took place in the early 1800s; the first working vapor-compression refrigeration system was made in 1834; the invention of the first commercial ice-making machine dates back to 1854; and homes got first refrigerator in 1913 followed by the introduction of the first self-contained unit by Frigidaire a decade later in 1923. 

The refrigerator market witnessed substantial expansion during the 1930s with the introduction of Freon (a colorless gas that’s responsible for creating the cooling) for cooling system in a refrigerator (colloquially fridge). Modification was done thereafter for home freezers with the introduction of separate large size compartments that could do much more than just to make ice cubes such as to store foods at freezing temperature for a long period. This also offered boost to the market of frozen foods that became commonplace. Prior to this, frozen foods were expensive and not affordable for most people.

Understand the concept of refrigeration

Let’s understand the structure of a typical refrigerator. This gadget consists of a compartment which is thermally insulated; and a mechanical, electronic or chemical heat pump is used transmits heat from inside of the chamber to the external environment to keep the refrigerator cool below the ambient room temperature. Undoubtedly, food items can be stored, without spoiling, for a long period on a temperature below freezing point because this temperature lowers the reproduction rate of bacteria and thus, probability of spoilage. There’s difference between the temperature in refrigerator and freezer compartments; a temperature is few degrees above the freezing point of water in refrigerator, but few degrees below in freezer compartment.  Before introduction of refrigerators with large size freezer, ice box had been quite common household gadget to store perishable food items and ice box remained in use for about a century and a half. 

Modern refrigerators

Freezer units have become commonplace now-a-days and are used concurrently both in homes and commercial scenario. Freezers, once a common unit in homes, have a common use in many industries and medical sector. Commercial freezers are designed based on their specific use in the industry, but style of home refrigerators has transitioned from common home models to technically advance models in a diversity of designs based on size, number of compartments, functionality, and many more features. Initially introduced refrigerator models in 1950s that served homes for many years were white in color, but are now available in multiple colors. The innovative models include automatic defrosting, chilled water, and ice from a dispenser in the door, temperature variation in multiple compartments within refrigerator and freezer. The glass door refrigerators and freezers have also been introduced in the market. 

Home and commercial refrigerators

Many popular appliance manufacturing companies such as LG, Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, and more are in the race of launching new models in the market every year, making refrigerator market highly competitive. Glass door refrigerators and freezers have also flooded the global markets. Though glass door refrigerators are not common in homes, but few French door models with door-in-door (a glass door inside external door) have been launched in the market these days. However, glass door freezers are quite common in commercial sector such as grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. A common commercial refrigerator is the glass fronted beverage cooler, but there are other models that are best for storage of food of different types. These models have varied temperature range because of need of different temperatures for different types of foods. Glass door deep freezers are designed to store foods that needs to be stored for a long period such as frozen foods.

Advantages of commercial glass door refrigerators and freezers

The concepts of open-air merchandizing and display refrigeration are innovations, and these are a commonplace in modern grocery stores because of an advantage of product display and see-through. A shopper can see through the glass door what’s on the shelves inside the freezer. It is also advantageous from the perspective of cooling efficiency because a shopper will first find the item on the freezer shelf and will open the door if the item is available in the freezer. The store staff can also view from outside the exhausted items on the shelves. These systems also enhance the aesthetic of the location where they are displayed and also offer convenience to shoppers to choose their products without wasting a lot of time on opening refrigerator doors to search the products.

Buying a top brand commercial refrigerator

The concept of glass door refrigeration has, therefore, become very popular in the contemporary time. If you have a grocery store business, restaurant, café or hotel; you might be searching for a commercial refrigerator. It is a long-term investment and you would definitely look for a brand that fits on factors such as better cooling performance at different temperature ranges, separate cool and freezer compartments, energy efficiency, model diversity, appropriate display system, and eventually a good price. Not too many refrigeration companies deal with commercial refrigerators and freezers. Phirella(https://www.phirella.com)stands on the top in the commercial refrigerator brand that operates a wide product portfolio, and fits for a commercial need from every perspective.


Today, glass door refrigeration and freezer systems have become popular in the commercial businesses because of their benefits to both merchandizers and their customers. The commercial refrigeration industry has recorded a substantial growth due to increasing demand of these systems, resulting in lowering of their prices. Many novel and better models have been introduced by the refrigeration industry and further innovations will be seen in the future.

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