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Precautions for beginner of the deli display refrigerator

May. 15, 2019

Deli and meat display freezers are often used in supermarkets or convenience stores. They can store and keep food for a longer period of time. Many people buy the commercial display freezer and start using it directly, but do you know how to use it reasonably, now Phirella will give you some advices: Precautions for beginner of the deli display refrigerator.

1. Check that the location of the meat display cooler meets the requirements. The refrigerator should be placed in a ventilated place as much as possible to avoid damage to the compressor caused by overheating of the refrigerator during use. The refrigerator should be placed smoothly and level. There are a lot of people complaining that the refrigerator is very noisy, I think if the placement level will solve this problem very well.

2. Check that the power supply voltage meets the requirements. The power supply used in meat display refrigerators should be 220V, 50 Hz single-phase AC power supply. During normal operation, the voltage fluctuation is allowed to be between 187 and 242 volts. If the fluctuation is large or high, it will affect the normal operation of the compressor. It will even burn the compressor. If the voltage is too high, the motor coil will be burnt due to too much current; if the voltage is too low, the compressor will be difficult to start, causing frequent starts and burning the motor. Therefore, when the power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, you can install an automatic voltage regulator. It is recommended to use a voltage regulator above 750W.


3. Commercial display cooler use dedicated three-hole sockets for separate wiring. Users who do not have a grounding device should install a grounding wire. When setting the grounding wire, the grounding terminal should be buried deep into the ground at a depth of 2 meters. The grounding resistance should not exceed 0.1 ohm. You can't use the tap water and gas pipes to make the grounding wire, and you can't get the ground wire to the telephone and the lightning rod.

4. After all the inspections are correct, the supermarket display refrigerator is allowed to stand for half an hour. Turn on the power supply and listen carefully to whether the sound of the compressor is normal when starting and running. Is there any sound that the pipelines collide with each other? If the noise is loud, check the cooked food display cabinet. Whether it is placed smoothly, whether the various pipelines are in contact, and make corresponding adjustments. If there is a large abnormal sound, immediately cut off the power supply, look for the local maintenance point to check and troubleshoot; before the food storage, the cooked food display cabinet should be idling for a period of time, after the temperature in the box is lowered, then put the food and store the food. 

Now you can use your deli display freezer, if you plan to buy Meat Refrigerator you can find the model you need in Phirella.

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