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Refrigerator Buying Guide

Apr. 06, 2019

Do you know how to choose a commercial refrigerator? Here is the most comprehensive guide to buying a refrigerator. Now we will introduce the refrigerator purchase guide from various aspects.

Refrigerator Buying Guide

1. The choice of freezer volume

We are professional commercial display refrigerator manufacturer-----the volume of the freezer refers to the "effective volume", which refers to the space volume available for storage in the freezer; For freezer designed and produced in Europe and other countries, volume refers to the "all volume", which includes the volume occupied by the evaporator, the shelf, etc. and other unusable volumes, that is, the actual "effective volume" is smaller than the "probable volume" (usually 10-20% smaller). We recommend that you choose a large refrigerator so you can store or display more food.

2. The choice of freezer cooling method

The freezer is divided into a direct-cooling freezer (with frost) and an intercooled freezer (without frost). The performance characteristics of the two are compared:

The direct cooling type freezer has a simple structure, and the cold air in the box is naturally convected, and the cooling speed is slow. It works by direct contact of the food with the surface of the freezer evaporator and freezing.

The air-cooled freezer has a complex structure and several components than the direct-cooling freezer, and the cooling speed is fast. The frozen food does not stick to the surface of the freezer.

3. Freezer selection skills

#1. When selecting a commercial freezer, the first is the appearance, and the shape of the freezer should be beautiful. The circumference of the box and the box door should be straight, the assembly should be firm, the box door should not be skewed, and the gap between the rotating shaft and the shaft pin should be well matched. When the box door is pushed and pulled by hand, the hand sensing is flexible. The color of the surface coating (painting or dusting) of the freezer should be uniform and bright, and there should be no signs of pitting, rust, bruises or scratches. The plating parts of the freezer should be bright and fine, and there should be no plating falling off. At the contact points of the door, the box and the door sill, the foaming liquid shall not leak. The surface of the liner and the door biliary should be smooth and smooth. Especially in the vicinity of excessive rounding, it should be noted. The shelf should be of a moderate size. Check that the door seal of the freezer and the cabinet are level and tight. The knob of the temperature controller should be flexible. The defrosting button should be able to spring back to its original position when it is released. In addition, you can check whether the accessories of the freezer are complete according to the instruction manual of the freezer.

#2. Power-on check the refrigeration performance and electrical performance of the freezer. Turn the temperature controller inside the freezer to the "stop" position, turn on the power, check the light switch and the light. When the door is opened, the light should be on and the door should be extinguished when it is nearly closed. Then adjust the temperature controller to the strong cold point, the compressor of the freezer will start running, and the electrical components of the freezer should work normally. After five minutes, touch the freezer condenser (on either side of the freezer or on the back) with a hot feeling, and the faster the heat, the better. When opening the door of the freezer, touch the evaporator by hand and feel cold. Close the box door for about 20 minutes, the condenser part is already very hot, open the box door and look at the evaporator. There should be a thin layer of uniform frost on the evaporator. If the frost on the evaporator is uneven or a part is not knotted The frost indicates that the refrigeration performance of the freezer is not good; for the intercooled freezer, after twenty minutes, the door should be opened and the fan switch should be pressed by hand. At this time, cold air is blown out at the tuyere. Finally, the temperature controller is turned "stop" and the compressor should stop working.

#3. Noise check. When you check the cooling performance of the freezer, you can hear the slight sound of the compressor. The intercooled freezer can hear the weak and low fan sound when the fan rotates. When you touch the freezer by hand. When the box is in, there is a slight vibration feeling.

Refrigerator Buying Guide

After the freezer is bought back, you should pay attention to the correctness of the location of the freezer. Generally, it should be placed away from direct sunlight to avoid environmental humidity and away from heat. It should be placed on a stable or solid floor, otherwise it will increase vibration and noise, and the freezer should be placed in the air circulation. And there should be some space around it. Wipe the inner cabinet and other accessories of the freezer with warm water before using the freezer. After drying, put the accessories into their respective positions according to the instruction manual. Plug the power plug of the freezer into the special socket. (The power supply of the freezer: single-phase AC 220+-10%, frequency 50HZ) The light in the refrigerator compartment is lit, the door is closed, the freezer starts running, and the operation is normal after two hours, Can be put into food.

In addition, it should be noted that the outside of the freezer and the inside of the box cannot be directly watered to avoid leakage and other faults and corrosion of metal parts. Before the maintenance, the power plug should be unplugged to ensure personal safety. It is strictly forbidden to store ether, gasoline, adhesive and other flammable, explosive and volatile items in the freezer. The freezer cannot be used in a flammable gas environment. If gas or liquefied gas is found to leak, first close the valve and open the door and window to allow air to circulate. Never unplug the power cord first to avoid sparking and causing an explosion. 

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