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Supermarket Refrigerators Buying Guide 2019

Apr. 28, 2019

Buying a new refrigerator can be a real challenge, especially with the different options available in the market nowadays. From the different shapes to the different colors, features, dimensions, and prices, deciding which refrigerator is the best option in the supermarket is a struggle you never thought you would face.

Of course, the main aspect we all worry about when purchasing a refrigerator is money. Most of us have limited budgets. Hence, we are always doing our best to get the highest quality possible for the money we have to offer.

Although is it important, the budget should not only be the only concern to have when buying a refrigerator to the supermarket. There are other aspects that are just as important, and that require as much attention.

These aspects can vary, yet there are some common ones that we all must share the concern about.

We understand your struggle and how difficult it is for you to make the right decision, especially when there is a lack of information and you don't have the right data to compare each product. But need not to worry about that anymore, this guide is dedicated to you. If you find yourself in a similar situation, facing difficulties deciding on the perfect refrigerator for your supermarket, keep reading as we will be guiding you through each step, providing the clear instructions, advice, and descriptions you desperately need.

Food Storage Capacity

For most supermarket owners aspiring to buy a new refrigerator, food storage capacity is the second most important feature that must be taken into consideration when making their purchase, after the budget of course.

But is the hierarchy of the priority of these features is actually right? While it is important to focus on the amount of energy your new refrigerator will be consuming and its capacity to store products in a healthy and sanitary environment, the new refrigerators in the market come with a lot more than that.

There are features that we weren’t very aware of, until discovering the refrigerator’s guide or taking advice from the assistant at the commercial center.


Humidity Control

Another feature that is now available in most of the refrigerators is humidity control. This feature can play an important role in keeping your products fresh. From vegetables, fruits, to dried food, each one requires different levels of humidity in different environments. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to create and control the right level of humidity for each one, so that your products stays fresh as long as possible for your customers to use.


Power Cooling

This feature can come with different names, yet the same function. Express Chill or similar expressions are all about this power cooling feature. This innovative addition to the refrigerators enables you to instantly freeze food. If you are looking to cool down your products immediately, this feature is the perfect one for you.

Prices: What to Expect

What’s great about today’s market is the fact that it offers a multitude of options, so that each budget would be able to find its optimal product without going beyond what can be afforded.

But of course, there is an interval that you should expect that goes with a minimum that would enable you to get a small to a medium-sized refrigerator with some few features, to a maximum for refrigerators with features you may not even know existed.


When it comes to size, it all depends on the space in your supermarket, and the one you dedicate to the refrigerators department, how many you are planning to get, and what type of products you are willing to store in them. While big refrigerators provide a larger space for storage, it probably won't be the right choice if you have a small supermarket. Hence, in this situation, you should aim to get a small to a medium-sized refrigerator with maximum functionality.

Yet if you have a spacious supermarket with many departments and different products to offer, going for a large refrigerator is probably the ideal choice for you.



Some last tips to wrap it all up

Many of the aspects we talked about earlier in our article have the potential to distract you from some basic ones. We bet they didn't even cross your mind as you were reading, did they?

These basic factors vary from the energy consumption and the shelving to the noise your refrigerator can make. 

Your refrigerators will be working all day long, all night long, every single day. Keeping this in mind will allow you to make the right decision when taking into consideration the right elements, by giving them the importance they actually deserve.

You must opt for a refrigerator that doesn't make any sounds unless you were planning to annoy your customers whenever they are around. That would surely push them away.

Besides, the energy consumption can be an essential factor to consider. It does not only have a direct impact on your electricity bills but must be using the right amount of electricity that wouldn't have any indirect impact on our environment.

And finally, for the shelving, aim for refrigerators with the right shelving space. Before making a purchase, define what type of products you are planning to store in it. This will help you get a clear idea of the space you will need in every comparment, as well as the temperature.

Keep your products in the right conditions to deliver the best quality and healthy food to your customers. They trust you and trust your supermarket. So, rise to their expectations and get high-quality refrigerators that won’t disappoint them-or you. Check our collection at https://www.phirella.com  to discover all the options you have.

At Phirella, we provide you with the refrigerators your supermarket needs to build the best image in your customers’ heads. They will be returning to you whenever they are in need of any products. We work closely with our clients to help them build and maitain the bond between them and their customers, become one of them today and get your refrigerator at Phirella.

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